Chado -"The Way of Tea"

We, Urasenke YOUWAKAI, are always opening the door of opportunities to non-Japanese people from here and abroad to experience the world of Chado, one of the greatest Japanese traditional cultures.

We will welcome applicants for Experience of tea Ceremony (A part of the Way of Tea) at our Tea room.
We are conveniently located in Omotesando, Tokyo.
The host is Sosei Ajioka, a descendant of Sen no Rikyu.

It will be our pleasure if you can not only experience Chado but also can feel some its beautiful mind, including "harmony, respect, purity and tranquility," the four most important principles of Chado, through our demonstration.
This program is also suitable for your special guests from foreign countries and in-house training for foreign company staffs.

Tea Ceremony Chado Experience At Urasenke YOUWAKAI

Date : ask

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Req. per Booking : 3 - 25 guests
Provides: English speaking attendant

This is not a coffee shop, so we cannot respond to inquiries on the day or several days in advance.

To make a reservation:
Please contact us via email ( at least 1 week in advance and let us know the following items.

    "name/nationality/contact information/number of participants/ prefered dates and times"

We will then send you an e-mail to confirm your reservation.
Location: The Urasenke Chado Tradition YOUWAKAI
2F Kitamura Building 5-1-25 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-Ku Tokyo 107-0062

Voice from Experiencers

Thanks again for this great opportunity to learn more about the japanese tea tradition. We really enjoyed the experience.

(2 Males from Germany)


Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate and experience a tea ceremony. It was beautiful, and I really enjoyed it. I will be recommending your establishment to anyone I know that comes to Tokyo. Again, thank you.

(Female from Canada)


Thank you for the whole experience. It was a very nice introduction to the tea ceremony in Japan.
(Female from Canada)

We enjoyed the tea ceremony experience very much!! We definitely learned a lot about the history and the customs behind each and every detail. Thank you for hosting us!

(2 Female from Canada)

Thank you so much for our tea ceremony the other day. We enjoyed it very much.

They are a great memento.

(2 Female from England)


Thank you very much for class today!

Very deep, very interesting for my.

I hope, next time could be sharing with my deshi.

Once again, どもありがとうざいました。  

(Male from Argentina)


My brother and my friend left Tokyo and Japan with a beautiful last experience at Youwakai.

My friend in particular, who is a karate master and has a special interest in (almost) all Japanese arts and practices, enjoyed the tea ceremony very much.

I would therefore like to thank you for the rewarding experience, which opened to all of us a new window on Japanese culture.

I wish you a very good week-end!

Warm regards,

(3 Male from Italy)




(3 Male from Germany and Japan)

Thank you very much for the pictures and the great introduction to Japanese tea ceremony.

(2 Male from Swissland)




We accept the special private lesson for VIP. Please feel free to ask us about that.